Larry King Live show with Robert J. Spitzer and Stephen Hawking – God and the Creation of the Universe

The video below is part 1 of 3 (here are part 2 and part 3 if you are so inclined) of an interview with Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow, Deepak Chopra, Robert Spitzer who appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live on 9/10/2010 to discuss “The Grand Design”, a book by Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow.

The next two videos are Father Spitzer’s elaboration on the Larry King discussion through two questions regarding what created the universe and about absolute determinism.

Question 1: What breathed fire into the equations of physics so that they could give rise to a universe they could describe? What Created the Universe? (video below, via)

Question 2: Can you explain absolute determinism? Are all human behaviors reducible to the laws of physics? What are the alternatives? What about near death experiences? Can a human conscious survive bodily death? Is there a possibility of spiritual consciousness or is freedom an illusion? (video below, via)

Who is Father Spitzer? – condensed version of this longer bio.

He is likely the best person to read/watch/listen to with regards to things at the intersection of faith, science, and philosophy. Here are a few highlights in no particular order.

  • President of Gonzaga University for over a decade
  • Authored five books on Philosophy, Science and, Faith and is working on three more
  • Appeared on shows for the History Channel and PBS in addition to Larry King
  • Founder of the Magis center of Reason and Faith (and seven others listed in the longer bio)
  • His littany of educational experience …
  • Ph.D.   Catholic University of America, 1984-88. Philosophy Summa cum Laude.
    Dissertation: A Study of Objectively Real Time. Director: Paul Weiss.

    Th.M.   Weston School (Cambridge), 1983-84. Theology (Scripture). Summa cum Laude.
    Thesis: The Depth Grammar of “Pneuma” and “En Christo” in I Cor. 12.

    M.Div.   Gregorian University (Rome), 1980-83. Theology. Summa cum Laude.
    Thesis: Early Christological Hymns.

    M.A.   St. Louis University, 1976-78. Philosophy. (Research) Magna cum Laude.
    Thesis: The Metaphysical Proof of God’s Existence in the De Ente Et Essentia of St. Thomas Aquinas.


One thought on “Larry King Live show with Robert J. Spitzer and Stephen Hawking – God and the Creation of the Universe

  1. Where’s the first video? Shouldn’t students be able to evaluate Fr. Spitzer’s commentary completely, by hearing/viewing the source’s own statements or argument? How is that to occur without the first video?

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