Modern Questions, Ancient Answers: Defining and Defending Human Dignity in Our Time

The inaugural event of Notre Dame’s Project on Human Dignity featured this lecture by Archbishop Timothy Dolan (New York; President, USCCB). Source

The time lines open the video at the given time in a new tab. Emphasis mine.

Gets good at about 12:29, then again at 30:48 and following…

30:48“Our identity is a given. We are a child of God. We are his creation. Modeled in his own image and likeness destined for eternity… that is our objective reality. We are not then identified with our urges, our flaws, our status, our possessions, our utility.”

31:30 Blessed John Paul ll in Pastores Dabo Vobis (“I Shall Give You Sheperds”, a letter concerning the formation of priests and addressed to both clergy and lay faithful) suggested that perhaps the greatest heresy today is that we stress having and doing over being.

32:39 “To the recovering alcoholic crying in the confessional in st. Patrick’s Cathedral, after a two day binge in Manhattan, “I am nothing but a hopeless drunk”. We reply “No, you are a child of God, made in his image and likeness, loved passionately and personally by a God who claims you as his own but who happens to have an addition to alcohol.”

33:10 “So the picketer outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, who protesting the churches defense of traditional marriage, yells at me, “I am gay! Why do you hate me!? I am gay. We respond, nice to meet ya. As a matter of fact, I don’t hate you, I love you. You are God’s work of art. The apple of his eye. Embraced by a God who passionately loves you, who just so happens to have a same sex attraction. Because who we are is infinitely more important than what we do, drink, or might be sexually attracted to.” ends at 33:50


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