Peter Kreeft on Happiness

illuminations by William Blake (1757 — 1827). Lecture by Peter Kreeft


“What I mean by happiness is a state of life in which you are truly blessed. By which I mean, that which is good for you, that which you are designed for is present, and you know that it is present, and you feel it present. That would be complete happiness. The most important ingredient is the objective blessedness, and then secondarily if it is complete you also know it and feel it. I think our culture is after the second thing without the first. A kind of psychological masterbation without the real presence of the other.”

– Peter Kreeft on Happiness (beginning from 1:01:01, emphasis mine)

If you do not know of Peter Kreeft, or have not read any of his books, or heard any of his lectures online or elsewhere, consider this an invitation to explore further. via


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