Restless Heart – a film about the life of St. Augustine

Ignatius Press has come out with a new film following the life of St. Augustine, through his early days in school, up through his rise as an orator, into his days as a less than saintly man, to the heights of his spiritual journey. The tailor does not disappoint (as many religiously themed movies tend to mainly in artistic ways) with what appears to be real drama, action, and a fairly well done teaser clips and an emotive draw. The acting seems to be decent, as much as one can gauge from a trailer, but much remains to be seen.

Thought the trailer does not instantly ring of cult classic, my suspicion is that the movie will be a pretty good one. After all, before Augustine has those letters added to his name, was all Hollywood would ask for in a man.

The real test of success will be whether or not you see an immediate parallel parody…  “Restless Undead Heart: St. Augustine vs Zombie Heretics”. Lord have mercy on us, and save us from such a movie.


One thought on “Restless Heart – a film about the life of St. Augustine

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