Fr. Barron – It Is OK To Be Anti-Heresy

There is a difference between inclusivity of people, and inclusivity of ideas. Everyone excludes ideas, or you don’t stand for much of anything. Father Barron puts it well.

Truth be told, any community must, if it is to survive, have a similar “intolerance.” The Abraham Lincoln Society would legitimately oppose the proposal that its members ignore Lincoln and concentrate on the study of Winston Churchill; the USGA would find repugnant the suggestion that Pebble Beach be turned into a collection of baseball diamonds; and the United States of America indeed aggressively excludes those committed to the eradication of fundamental American principles.” – Father Robert Barron (emphasis mine)

“The Catholic Church is not a Voltairean debating society; it is a community that stands for some very definite things, which implies, necessarily, that it sets its back against very definite things. A church that simply “welcomed” heresies would, overnight, cease to be itself.” – Father Robert Barron (emphasis mine)

hat tip Marcel LeJeune & St. Mary’s Catholic Center blogging goodess for the video link.

Watch the video below or read the article where he discusses the same thing here. (or my facebook post)


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