Collision Of Lives (The Documentary) – Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson

Despite our dissimilar world views, I have always enjoyed listening to Christopher Hitchens. He was witty, pointed, and eloquent in his writing and speech. Here is an hour and a half long documentary about a sort of collision between Mr. Hitchens and Douglas Wilson, a Christian who co authored a 50 page book with Hitchens titled Is Christianity Good for the World? 

(pdf) (Online Article) (Amazon) something like 7 bucks I think…

The film is just as much about these two people and their tour as it is about the book they wrote together. I do not necessarily agree with either Hitchens or Wilson, but the search for truth that they both appear to be on is one we should all be on. Watch this and discuss with friends and family.


[slightly off topic edit: Scroll up to 1:11:30 and listen to the bar talk about kicking a pregnant women in the belly. Doug’s logic makes sense.]


It's more fun to talk with humans than machines. Comment below.

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