The importance of doing in prayer and design

“Do not be like the theologian who after death was given the choice between going to heaven or to a lecture on heaven, chose the lecture.” Dr. Peter Kreeft

We love to think about things more than to do them. Just because we have believed, imagined, loved, read up on, or admired it does not mean we have done it.

Imagine a driver who is so in love with the road map that he never travels – A person who is enjoys reading about tech start-ups so much that he never takes time away from reading about the newest hit to do some coding him or herself – The person who enjoys reading powerful spiritual classics on prayer so much that he or she never prays – A person who admires design blogs, or dribbble shots so often they never try their own hand.

Don’t mistake the sign for what the sign is pointing to. Odds are, after you do whatever you are looking towards, you will find thinking about it all the more enjoyable.

Now go do it.


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