Of Gods and Men

Imagine this spoken by an old French Monk in his 70’s, slow and steadily, spoken with a sort of calm precision with which only the most certain and hopeful of men speak.

The best part of the movie for me was where it culminated with this closing monologue, spoken through a series of still shots, tracing familiar areas of the mountain, monastery, and city and where, for the first time in the movie, you see laden with a blanket of snow.

(This is quote is from the last scene from the DVD menu which starts at 1:51:20)

“Should it ever befall me, and it could happen today, to be a victim of the terrorism swallowing up all foreigners here, I would like my community, my church, my family, to remember that my life was given to God and to this country. That the unique master of all life was no stranger to this brutal departure, and that my death is the same as so many other violent ones consigned to the apathy of oblivion. I’ve lived enough to know I am complicit in the evil that, alas prevails over the world and the evil that will smite me blindly. I could never desire such a death. I could never feel gladdened that these people I love be accused randomly of my murder. I know the contempt felt for the people here. Indiscriminately… And I know how Islam is distorted by a certain Islamism. This country, and Islam, for me, are something different. They are a body and a soul. My death, of course, will quickly vindicate those who called me naive, or idealistic, but they must know that I will be freed of a burning curiosity, and God willing, will immerse my gaze in the Father’s, and contemplate with Him, His children of Islam as He sees them. This thank-you which encompasses my entire life includes you, of course, friends of yesterday and today and you, too, friend of the last minute… Who knew not what you we doing. Yes, you too as well. I address this thank you and this farewell which you envisaged. May we meet again… happy thieves in paradise… if it pleases God, the father of us both. Amen. InshaAllah.”

Watch this movie. You won’t be disappointed.


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