Peter Eisenman – “B-Grade” Architect

Peter Eisenman on being a B-Grade architect…

“I hire B-students, and I hire athletes… I had the center from Cornell recently. He has a B mentality. He is a team player. He is not A-A-A I-I-I. I like to think of myself as a team player. I play team sports. I run my office like a team. We had the best softball team in New York for many years and people hated us. (chuckles) Well of course I brought in ringers who were baseball players. I had the catcher from the Ohio State team work for me. He doesn’t know this, but I flew him in just to play softball with us because he was an architect.”

“I think being a B-person allows you to work in a team, not to think of yourself always but to think of yourself in relation to others. I think you have to be a type A to get up here in front of people, but I think I am a type B when it comes to my relations with my colleagues.”

“I hate A-students… I was never an A-student I gotta tell ya. I am a B-guy. What can I tell ya?”

Link to the time in the lecture where the quote comes up –

Full video if you have an hour and 22 minutes to listen…


2 thoughts on “Peter Eisenman – “B-Grade” Architect

  1. Peter Eisenman is one architect that you don’t hear about much but that you should. Thanks for the reminder 😀 And these lines are really helpful. Kind of just what I needed right now. If you work hard and still give a damn, you should be okay in the long run.

    Fun website too.

  2. Yeah. I can’t help but note how much easier it is to listen to him talk that typical architecture lecturers. He is just speaking frankly all the time.

    I think how much exposure you have to his work, writings, lectures, etc depends on where you go to school. It’s interesting that at most schools there are a hand full of canonical architects, and others seem to not be mentioned often. I haven’t been to most schools, but I know here at Rice there are some readings and people who are referenced alot. Eisenman is one you can’t pass up.

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