The best way to spend your day

You wake up and check your phone. Emails, tweets, instagram likes and comments, facebook updates, oh and those archaic sms text messages. Your a bit late so you hurriedly shower, skip the granola breakfast bar, grab the first shirt in your closet even thought its not your favorite, grab your keys and your out the door.

The rest of the day is a blur of work, and come home you consume endless amounts of stuff in the form of tv, movies, games, and apps and suddenly realize your a year older than you were yesterday. You just fell asleep, floated down the river and were awakened by your feet scraping against a low lying tree branch. Wake up.

I’ve got gtd figured out. It’s really simple. Here’s what you do… 

  1. Spend an entire minute not doing anything. You are more than the sum of facebook and instagram likes and comments, retweets, blog posts and check-ins. Spend time just living in your own human flesh and bones. If you are so courageous, go a week without your phone. WTF?!?! A week? Yes, see if you can put your phone down for a week. What if someone ______ ? What if that life ending, world halting scenario actually happened and you in fact didn’t have your phone for a week? Think of the worst possible scenario. Actually, don’t. That could end up being a really depressing thought experiment. Especially if you are a particularly creative and/or cynical person. [disclaimer: I know there are some situations where having phone access is crucial. I’m not anti-phone or technology. I am actually very pro-said-tools. I am just more pro-sweat, hand shakes, sunshine, and live music.] Spend a minute sitting and not planning your next move. I would have said a larger amount of time but you have to start somewhere. You can’t be still an hour without being still for a minute first.
  2. Answer this question: “What would be the best way for me to spend my time today.” After that minute passes, and your mind clears (take longer if your mind is still running 90 miles an hour).What if all of your digital self disappeared tonight and tomorrow you woke up and got on with life? Those emails, tweets, instagram likes and comments, facebook updates, oh and those archaic sms text messages. Gone. Your still here, so now what? All of that stuff is ephemeral. BEFORE YOU JUMP STRAIGHT TO THE COMMENTS AND UNLEASH YOUR DIGITAL LOVING FURY … I mean that remark in the sense that everything is ephemeral. Nothing is mean to last forever except out souls. Digital stuff and physical stuff, bits and atoms. All ephemeral. Keeping that in mind, decide on the best way to spend your day. (suggestion: think about what you have always wanted to do, say writing, reading, music, creating, designing, building, make a realistic time to realize that desire, and use that do make your decision.)
  3. Do it.
Whatever you do, be intentional about it. Mean to do it, and be proud of it. Don’t tell me about what you want to do someday, tell me about what you have done. The conversation will be much more interesting that way.

4 thoughts on “The best way to spend your day

  1. Your welcome! Obviously, since you read this post and took it all to heart, you decided that the best way to spend your afternoon was to read and comment on this post. I’m flattered. (Completely kidding of course, since you would have to have made the decision to read this before you were enlightened by the words herein.)

    I found myself 2.5 years out of school and with this list of things that I thought would be cool to do, and most of them are still on that list of “this would be cool to do”. One of them being writing on a consistent basis. So this is me marking one of those things off of the list.

  2. And to be completely honest, I almost deleted this post immediately after writing it. I mean, how silly does this advice sound? “Decide what to do and do it!” Not very enlightening at first glance. But I decided against it after seeing the C.S. Lewis quote on writing at the bottom of the page.

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