We are small

For the brief version of this post, just take a few minutes and ponder on the graphic below. (click on the image to see it full size)

We have all heard biblical stories of creation. But it is always nice to gain a bit of perspective from time to time. I imagine when I was first introduced to the idea that God created everything, I simply projected something like my Bolivar Peninsula sandcastle building excursions onto the event in question, and I thought “It must have been like this but bigger.”

We know that creation went something like this

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

Then the creation narrative continues onto light, plants, animals, and eventually to Man. But let’s back up a bit. It appears that in about 10 words the entirety of spacial existence was brought into being. In about 3 scoops of sand, my castle likewise, came into being with a thud. Same thing, just on a different scale.  Right? Bigger. More complex. But effectively just bigger. (Whether I was right or wrong isn’t really the issue. Right now the sheer scale of eternity is all am concerned with… like that is a small thing to be concerned with.)

The rest of the Book of Genesis is much more entertaining by todays Hollywood standards, with your requisite set of lies, betrayal, death being introduced into the world, massive global destruction, sojourning through foreign lands, and one of histories greatest hero’s being called by God to save His people from themselves. If someone approached Spielberg,  Scorsese, or the Cohen Brothers with two scripts, the latter would almost surely win every time.

So creation, this one is for you. You are by no means the small guy in the corner that everyone at the party passes over on the way to the keg, but I do believe that at times you’re given a little less credit that you deserve. So here’s to you creation. We who read this, raise our digital glasses filled with foaming 1’s and 0’s to you. You show us that we are so very small, and for that I thank you. You fill us with awe and wonder as we attempt to comprehend the expansive extents of existence. Most importantly, you draw us out of ourselves and direct us toward the desire of our hearts, towards the Creator of the Universe.

So Creation, This one is for you.

– Cheers

(Also, this was emailed to me by a friend. If you know who I can attribute this creation to, please let me know in the comments. I’m all about giving proper attribution where it is due.)


(I would like to attribute this creation to the one and only Creator. The God of the Universe. The graphic creator is however still at large, so any leads are greatly welcomed. Sandcastle via)


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