Out of the Silent Planet

I write in most of the books I read… or the ones that I own anyways. Out of the Silent Planet written by C.S. Lewis is no exception. I am a few pages from finishing the book and highly recommend it to whom ever would be … well I recommend it to everyone. Those who have a trinitarian and particularly Christian world view would find many parts of the book particularly ( like the hrossa’s poetry, the sorn’s sarcasm, and the creation of the world and of its inhabitants) enthralling.

I’ll go back and randomly flip to a few lines I have underlined during the read in hopes of enticing you to pick it up at your local book store or library, go to amazon and order it, grab your smart phone and read the synopsis on Wikipedia :

“… and dressed with that particular kind of shabbiness which marks a member of the intelligentsia on holiday.”

“… and Ransom saw (if it could be called seeing) that Oyarsa was coming up between the long lines of sculpted stones.”

“… and he realized now that he had known this from the first but had supressed the knowledge through terror.”

“Ransom pondered this. Here, unless Hyoi was deceiving him, was a species naturally continent, naturally monogamous. And yet, was it so strange?”

“… here in this riot of rock, leaping and surging skyward like solid jets from some rock-fountain, and hanging by their own lightness in the air, so shaped, so elongated, that all terrestrial mountains must have ever after seem to him to be mountains lying on their sides.”

I especially like that last one… that all terrestrial mountains must seem to him to be lying on their sides. I hope that this gets made one day into a movie.

[edit] – after looking for the book cover art to post here I found two images… the first is the artwork and the second


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