Go outside and live life.

A curious marketing by dentine only lets you remain on the website for 3 minutes. A video on the site says that your real life is too important to sacrifice for the virtual world.

This is an important thing to note. We ( the average 20 something ) are increasingly spending enormous amounts of time on social media websites. I’m not condemning facebook, twitter, and the like. But real life has so much more to offer than a “high-five”, “friend requests”, and a few funny video replies to your most recent YouTube randomness.

All of these services hopefully help to connect us to each other and don’t force us to service them. You are more than the sum your facebook profile, blog, or gmail status. I say this having recently graduated from College and noting that when you get to 20 something and look back at what you have been doing with your life, you remember the times you were with real life people, doing real life things.

I’m not saying don’t use these services. Actually I’m saying quite the opposite. Use them all up! But note that when it’s all said and done, you will be the most thankful and grateful for the times you were out away from your computer face to face with friends.


It's more fun to talk with humans than machines. Comment below.

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