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So after looking at this wordpress blog i realized something. That the links in the side bar are there and once the list gets to be more than say 10 long its mainly for browsing and not much is known about them. So in an effort to educate those who read this blog on why i have what i have up here (because its all here for a reason… not just for fun fun) i’m going to be writing posts featuring certain links on the right side of the page here. (so i guess now that i have designated the side i cant change the template 5 times a day…) 


After glancing through a few posts from Mary’s Aggies on the changes implemented after the Second Vatican Council I though I would post a bit here for those interested.

the question from the first post reads :

Q – We spoke about Vatican II briefly in RCIA. Can you give more details to the changes implimented by Vatican II and a quick comparison to the Mass pre-Vatican II? 

here is the reply

the question from the second post reads :

Q – Hey Marcel, A friend of mine wants to know more about Vatican II. I will, of course, direct him to actually read the documents himself (as you always directed me), but I was hoping you could give a little intro beyond what you gave today or direct us to a good source for that. More specifically he’d like to know how Vatican II is actually a response to rather than an embrace of modernism. Thanks!

here is the reply

When it comes to all things catholic these guys know what’s going on.



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