The Replacement Reveille

I received an email from the Vice President of Student Affairs here at TAMU regarding the selection of a new Reveille and this is an excerpt from it…

Essential Characteristics

First, regardless of the type of dog selected to serve as the University mascot, she should possess the following characteristics:

1.        Medium to large size – This body type is more consistent with the symbolism of a University mascot and is more suitable to her ability to perform the duties associated with the role.
2.        Healthy – Even at a reduced level of activity, the demands of the position require that the mascot be in good physical condition. Furthermore, any genetically related health concerns should be properly prescreened by a veterinarian.
3.        Outgoing personality (upbeat) – One of the endearing qualities of a mascot is its approachability and positive demeanor.
4.        Likes people and is at ease in crowds – It is important that the University mascot portrays a genuine affection for people of varying ages in one-on-one and large group settings.
5.        Not afraid of noise – Loud and frequent sounds are associated with a number of the University’s traditions; therefore, it is critical that the mascot be at ease in these environments.
6.        Not highly reactive – Given the nature and frequency of interaction with the mascot, it is important that she not respond in a defensive or aggressive manner when faced with quick movements or sudden motion.
7.        Positively motivated – The mascot should respond to instruction based on affirmation and encouragement.


i just thought that it’s humorous that were looking for a mascot with such outstanding credentials… Positively motivated, Outgoing, Medium to large size… it is interesting that we choose a new mascot based on our observations of him/her … what if we only got a job based on what other people observe about us and not by what we tell them, or if we didn’t have the option of notifying them of qualities we had … we just had to do them (i suppose that is already partly true).

imagine going into an interview and being asked if you had these 3 qualities? … Positively motivated, Outgoing, Medium to large size..

and for an altogether different mental image… now imagine your a dog going into an interview… ha 


whose going to be the replacement?


2 thoughts on “The Replacement Reveille

  1. so i scanned this entry, interesting stuff. not the least because of your nod to the 80’s alternative band, “the replacements”. that made my day.

  2. what a delightful post! you will have me thinking about this for a long time, and what about when i see the new reveille – i will be thinking “oh ummm” and chuckling just thinking of how she got the job…..thanks.

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