things that make my happy: Pope Benedict’s Homily, and Two Hobbit Movies (barring they don’t completely screw it up)

Text of Pope Benedict Homily, Washington Nationals Stadium Mass


Elijah Wood has confirmed rumors about a new movie being made from The Hobbit. He says that Ian McKellen is going to return as Galdalf (if he didn’t im sure the elvish speaking population would revolt and we would be in the middle of Middle World War 3, MWWIII ). The movie will actually be made into two parts. The first being the Hobbit, the second being a transition movie between The Hobbit and LOTR. Im excited. Don’t expect any LOTR but still… its going to be great.

 [disclaimer: I in no way meant to draw a comparison between the two aforementioned events or people.]

Now here is a book I would like to see made into a movie. [ this would be brilliant if its half as good as the book ] 


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