Face of Hope – on the streets of chicago


“Detroit is a normal city with an average yearly temperature of nine degrees.”

“What a difference the melted snow makes.”

Wayne lives on the streets of Detroit.


After happening upon snowsuit.net and being caught up in the image on the front page, I read a few of the lines in qoutes below the image. Apparently these were taken from some sort of short interview with the subject. I needed this. I continued to click on the “previous image” link just above the image. … about a hundred times. I kept on reading and reading and imaging the life of these people. I can do nothign but give thanks to God for everything that I have been given.

So many different lives, so many different stories, so many different hopes and dreams. So much love that hasn’t been shown to these people…

I emplore every person who reads this to go there and read a handfull … I guarentee you it will sober you up and make you stand back from your life and give thanks.


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